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In 2017, ROTOCON extended its reach beyond South African shores to Australia with the sale of an ECOLINE finishing machine to ex-Capetonian Mike Ellis, who needed to upgrade an old machine for his burgeoning self-adhesive label converting business.

Mike recalls being particularly impressed with the RSI 330 slitting, inspection and rewinding system’s output when he saw a few machines in action at a Cape Town label printer during a visit with ROTOCON’S founder, Michael Aengenvoort.

‘I placed an order as soon as I returned to Sydney and Luminar hasn’t looked back since Pascal Aengenvoort personally oversaw the installation and training of two operators with ease and professionalism,’ Mike enthuses. ‘The RSI 330 has served us very well over the past four years, we haven’t experienced any downtime or required any technical support. Its reliability has been legendary.’

Mike also only has praise for the machine’s performance levels and quick turnaround times that have enabled Luminar to meet customers’ specific label requirements as the demand for bespoke label production has increased.

‘Being challenged and customer-focused and bringing a fresh perspective is all part of the Luminar philosophy,’ adds MD Matt Ellis, who joined the family business in 2012 and has taken it over from his parents. ‘Lume means light and our team of 20 is dedicated to shedding light on customers’ products and businesses. We highlight their stories, brighten up their brands and ensure each product radiates through our top-quality labelling and packaging solutions as well as beginning to end service offering.’

During the past four years, Luminar has grown from a small operation in Castle Hill to a 1 000m2 facility in Riverstone in North-West Sydney. The company has also diversified its offerings to include short-run, digital and flexible packaging solutions that can be produced without plates and tooling for customers in the fast-moving consumer goods, technical, industrial and automotive industries.

Matt emphasises that Luminar loves to be one step ahead and is constantly looking at ways of improving its skillset and expanding its service offering by investing in state-of-the-art equipment, leveraging the latest technologies and implementing innovative systems. Part of this momentum and forward-looking vision includes considering purchasing more digital finishing machines from the ROTOCON ECOLINE stable.

Pascal points out that the two family-orientated businesses are aligned in their commitment to quality and innovation, which forms the cornerstone of their philosophy of always providing the best in customer service. ‘Although Luminar hasn’t needed to call on ROTOCON’s technical support for the RSI 330, we pride ourselves on rigorously training and certifying our technicians and admin staff according to OEM standards. This is essential because it takes very skilled individuals with a built-in level of commitment and initiative to elevate customer service to the next level,’ he concludes.

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