Cracking on with face mask-making machinery

Ecoline FM machine capable of automatic production of 90 to 110 flat masks a minute.

THE COVID-19 outbreak has presented a number of novel opportunities for machinery suppliers to help South African manufacturers to diversify into face mask production, in the face of spiralling demand.

Rotocon has responded swiftly with the introduction of the Ecoline FM machine that’s capable of automatic production of 90 to 110 flat masks a minute. Its design is very simple.

First, three layers of material are laminated, folded and seamed. A crimping tool then ultrasonically welds the two sides to the seal; and a diecutting tool cuts and forms the side seal. Finally, the mask is conveyed to two earlobe string welding stations and then on to the assembly line for collection.

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ROTOCON director Patrick Aengenvoort with Majestic Labels’ Roland Adshade (managing director), Knox (ECOLINE RSD 350 operator) and Russell Thorndike (production director).

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