Cracking on with UV LED curing

Rotocon director, Pascal Aengenvoort, and Durban branch manager, Akmuth Sayed, with the GTV Label Master team, and Chinese technicians who helped developed Rotocon’s Ecoline UV LED curing system.

ROTOCON Ecoline UV LED curing systemRotocon’s investment in developing its Ecoline brand of UV LED curing systems is meeting demand from South Africa’s narrow-web market, where converters are upgrading their systems from traditional mercury arc UV curing systems to the latest LED technology.

Rotocon has recently retrofitted the first of its newly introduced Ecoline range of UV LED curing systems to a six-colour press at Durban-based label converter, GTV Label Master.

According to Rotocon director, Pascal Aengenvoort, the first major benefit in switching to UV LED curing is significantly lower operating costs thanks to energy savings, fewer consumable parts, and lower maintenance costs.

‘UV LEDs typically use up to 70% less energy compared to traditional UV curing,’ he states. ‘Not having to keep consumable parts on hand, such as lamps, ballasts, reflectors and fans, provides additional costs savings. Finally, lower maintenance costs result from less time spent replacing lamps and cleaning/servicing the other components,’ he adds.

Users of UV LED flexo inks report significantly faster production speeds compared to mercury curing technology. Additionally, thanks to their significantly longer lifespan, instant on/off capability and reduced maintenance, UV LED systems offer enhanced press uptime.

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