Cracking the automatic gap adjustment code

VR Print’s MD, Hilton van Rensburg, and Ecoline RDF 330 operator, Rall Pillay, are excited about the efficiencies provided by the Wink Smart Gap Touch adjustable anvil system. Pictured with them is Rotocon’s Durban branch manager, Akmuth Sayed, who installed and commissioned the Wink system and trained the operator within two days.

Wink SmartGap Touch adjustable anvil systemAS reported in PPM September 2019, Durban-based VR Print ventured into the digital printing market with a Screen Truepress Jet L350UV and Ecoline RDF 330 digital label converting and finishing system, which were installed and commissioned by Rotocon in June.

In October, the company replaced the RDF 330’s standard die-cutting station with South Africa’s first Wink SmartGap Touch adjustable anvil system (that automatically sets die pressure) following its demonstration on Rotocon’s stand at Propak Africa in March.

According to VR Print MD, Hilton van Rensburg, although other options were sought at Labelexpo, an equivalent was not found.

‘The aim of digital production is to turn things around as quickly as possible to push out the maximum number of jobs in a day,’ he remarks. ‘The Wink SmartGap Touch is world-class in terms of minimising wastage, maximising efficiencies and obtaining perfect die-cutting results time after time. It represents the future of die-cutting and, as we operate in a niche market, it’s the type of investment we need to make to maintain our competitive advantage.’

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