Customers and community first

(As featured in the APRIL 2021 issue of PPM)

FOR the past 13 years, Michael Aengenvoort and sons, Pascal and Patrick, have been driven to provide premium quality, innovation and the best in service to ROTOCON’s customers in the labelling and narrow-web sector.

‘We believe the real value of the company lies in our people because it takes very skilled individuals with a built-in level of commitment and initiative to elevate customer service to the next level,’ says Michael. ‘Admin staff and nine technicians who interface with customers are rigorously trained and certified according to OEM standards, so that they embody ROTOCON’s “our product, our service, our brand” approach.’

Additionally, operators responsible for local manufacturing or machine refurbishments are trained internally or sent to principals’ facilities for up-to-date development exposure.

Customer service package

Patrick explains that the ROTOCON team’s goal is to learn about customers’ printing environments, recommend the ideal solution to meet their needs and then partner with and support them as their businesses grow. This full-service package includes:

• Trustworthy capital investment advice

• Responsiveness and on-site service by nine fully- trained and highly knowledgeable technicians based in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town

• Comprehensive stockholding of spare parts and consumables

• A fleet of branded vans for delivering consumables, cutting tools, and spare parts

• Customs pre-clearance, airport pick-up and prompt delivery of precision-engineered flexible dies (48-hour turnaround)

• Local manufacturing of high-precision solid rotary dies, magnetic print cylinders and accessories

• Technical assistance with older generation machine upgrades or spare parts

• A turnkey project service that sources, installs and services pre-owned flexographic and SCREEN digital presses, creating customer peace of mind through a single point of contact responsible for careful planning of the entire project.

Die-cutting: value-added training

ROTOCON also offers value-added support and education to label printing operations countrywide that need to update their tooling purchase or sales staff, press operators, and assistants about the latest die-cutting developments.

Trainer Allan Musakwa presents in-depth die-cutting courses that cover four key aspects. The first aspect is rotary die, magnetic cylinder, and flexible die handling (care and storage instructions) to maximise tool-life value and ensure the best cutting results. The second aspect provides insights into the different die finishes for specialised materials. The third aspect identifies the types of dies that work most efficiently for specific jobs, and the final aspect unpacks how to troubleshoot die-cutting problems.

Allan notes that in most cases, cutting problems are caused by issues with the cutting unit, cutting tool, or material. Cutting unit problems can range from dirt, worn bearers, improper pressure to the wrong gap between the magnetic cylinder and anvil, or incorrect width-circumference ratio (flexing). Cutting tool issues are also related to dirt and wear, and occasionally, a manufacturing fault that is caused by unclear or imperfect order data. Material faults, on the other hand, relate to the type of material film/paper, liner thickness and types of cuts (kiss-cut, cut through, multi-layer, etc.) being used.

Community development

ROTOCON is also a firm believer in championing South African-led labelling and packaging innovation and excellence. Two examples of how the company is supporting the labelling and narrow-web community are the launch of the ‘I LOVE ROTOCON’ competition and sponsorship of WineLand’s 30 Under 30 Awards.

Michael explains that the ‘I LOVE ROTOCON’ competition recognises the efforts and passion of customers’ employees who work hands-on with the ECOLINE brand and 14 other partner brands ROTOCON represents (turn to the cover story for details).

‘Wine label printers make up an important part of our customer base, and we are pledging our support and commitment to youth talent development in the local wine industry by sponsoring WineLand’s 30 Under 30 Awards,’ adds Pascal.

The awards programme, now in its second year, acknowledges 30 next-generation role players, innovators, game-changers and out-of-the-box-thinkers. Candidates’ contribution to the industry will be celebrated during an informal luncheon on May 28 at the Vinpro offices in Paarl, where they will receive a certificate and special edition bottle of wine.

ROTOCON’s directors add that the company’s long-term strategy of bringing its team together with key customer role players to utilise the most appropriate printing and finishing technologies and create the best possible labels and packaging has been most rewarding. ‘Our success is the result of the belief that customers have placed in us and our vision of building up South Africa’s labelling and narrow-web community through tailored support, educational and technological offerings. We are looking forward to introducing more ventures later in the year,’ they conclude.

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