Dual experience advantages

Michael Wang, MD of ROTOCON Asia

Michael Wang, MD of ROTOCON Asia, who oversees the production of and design changes to the ECOLINE range of machinery in China, started his career in a state-owned company’s R&D department focusing on mechanical design.

He moved to Canada 10 years later and studied CNC programming before joining the Rotoflex team to produce parts for its rewinders. ‘I also went on service calls with the technicians to improve my understanding of how the machines run, the functions of the parts that I was producing and reasons they might fail, so I kept on improving my labelling industry knowledge and experience and learning from the operators over a five-year period,’ Michael reports. ‘I then felt confident enough to return to China in 2019 and launch my company called Relia Precision Machinery, which produces some labelling industry post-printing machines including slitter/rewinders, inspection rewinders and die-cutting machines.’

He first met Michael Aengenvoort at a European trade show over 10 years ago. ‘We soon realised that we had many common interests, the same vision for the labelling industry’s future and a desire to independently meet the technology needs of smaller labelling converters with more affordable machinery that could grow with their businesses’ future needs,’ he says.

Michael views his many years of living in Canada as a significant benefit to his partnership with ROTOCON. ‘Living in a westernised country taught me how to bridge differences between cultures and maintain open communication, which I believe helped foster the open and trusting partnership ROTOCON and I share today.’

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