DuPont partnership promotes platemaking precision

AS reported in the previous issue, ROTOCON has been appointed as the new South African distributor of DuPont’s Cyrel® flexo plates, EASY technology platform, FAST thermal workflow, and associated equipment.

This means that ROTOCON’s three branches can deliver the plates promptly, and its engineers are well placed to service the platemaking equipment and systems – after collaborating with customers and advising them on the optimum type of Cyrel plates required.

The appointment also enables ROTOCON to offer the newly-available Cyrel 500 equipment, designed to process smaller flexo plates of up to 66 x 86cm, to its traditional narrow-web customer base.

Cyrel EASY technology platform

The EASY platform is for customers wanting to process a plate in a simplified workflow, while enabling print on a wide variety of substrates, with optimum speed and high-quality highlights on printed packages.

The platform simplifies the prepress process by building the flat-top dot directly into the plate, resulting in increased productivity and consistency.

Cyrel EASY plates utilise the latest polymers to produce higher ink transfer and resolution. Customer testing has also shown significantly higher SID without compromising on highlights. Cyrel EASY plates are available in engineered and smooth surfaces for Cyrel FAST thermal and solvent processing.

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