ECOLINE ties up technology & affordability

ROTOCON has continuously developed its ECOLINE line of finishing equipment over the past four years to meet the technology investment needs of smaller labelling operations and start-up ventures, which have to carefully balance the highest possible specifications with competitive pricing.

Each of the seven ECOLINE models has a compact footprint, easy-to-use control panel and open machine design to maximise operator friendliness. A modem for remote fault finding and maintenance allows ROTOCON to respond quickly to operators’ software and drive-related queries.

Handpicked machine builders at a dedicated factory in Asia produce the ECOLINE range according to ROTOCON’S stringent quality specifications – solid, vibration-free construction and the latest technology and European quality parts – plus cost-competitiveness and reliability requirements.

During 2019, service manager and lead engineer William White spent time with the machine building team working on a series of improvements for the range based on customers’ feedback. These included modifying the shape of the machines by rounding off any sharp edges, incorporating the latest servo motor and software enhancements available, and introducing a sleek, modern colour palette of grey and red (changed from white and red) to give them a visual facelift.

So far, over 109 of these customisable systems have been sold and commissioned in South Africa, Mauritius, Europe, Australia and the US.

Quality consumables ensure excellence

ROTOCON only partners with consumables brands committed to high-quality product engineering – a valuable customer asset as substrates get thinner and precision requirements increase. It means there’s never a need to compromise the best performance results or experience production interruptions on the ECOLINE machines.

The machines are supported by nine fully-trained and highly knowledgeable technicians based in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town who embody ROTOCON’s ‘our product, our service, our brand’ approach. They have a comprehensive stockholding of spare parts, cutting tools, and consumables available to them and are backed up by a fleet of branded vans that deliver these directly to customers.

Look out for a report on the first ECOLINE machine installation in an upcoming issue, which will detail the consistently excellent results that this label printing operation business has been able to achieve on wine, craft beer, spirits, olive oil and snack products; as well as the value-added support and education partnership that has evolved with the ROTOCON team as this business has grown.

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