EyeC ProofRunner enhances quality and efficiency at GPI Nigeria

Another happy EyeC ProofRunner installation for Graphic Packaging International (GPI) in Nigeria, thanks to the ROTOCON crew
EyeC Proofrunner Web
EyeC Proofrunner Web

GRAPHIC Packaging International, based in Nigeria, has recently benefited from the installation of the EyeC ProofRunner Web 800 inspection system (thanks to print technology supplier ROTOCON) – a move that promises to enhance the company’s quality and productivity. We spoke with Warren Riviere, the operations manager of Graphic Packaging International’s carton division, to learn more about this exciting development.

Graphic Packaging International (GPI) is a renowned packaging solutions provider, known for its dedication to delivering top-quality carton packaging solutions for a range of industries.

The company primarily focuses on providing carton packaging for the tobacco, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), and healthcare sectors in Nigeria and surrounding regions, making it a key player in these markets. Operations manager for GPI’s cartons division, Warren Riviere, reveals that GPI falls under the tobacco division of Graphic Packaging International, which is an American company with a substantial European footprint.

When it came to selecting an inspection system for their operations, Graphic Packaging International opted for the EyeC ProofRunner Web 800. According to Warren, the choice was based on the system’s ability to fulfil the specific needs of their compact 820mm width press. ‘The compact design and its ability to be placed directly on top of the press made it an ideal match for our requirements,’ he says. Despite only being installed in mid-Octoberr, the expectations are high that this investment will bring significant improvements to GPI’s overall performance. As the system is still in its commissioning phase, Graphic Packaging International is yet to fully experience its benefits. However, they report that the commissioning process has been smooth, and the compact, robust design of the EyeC Proofrunner Web 800 aligns well with their needs. ‘It’s expected to enable us to explore new markets and improve our overall performance, making it a significant asset to the company’s growth strategy in Nigeria,’ comments Warren.

The EyeC ProofRunner HighLight series has been specially developed for 100% inspection of highly finished labels and folding cartons in the premium segment. Thanks to unique Highlight illumination, the system quickly and reliably checks the quality of labels and folding cartons with complex finishes such as hot stamping, holograms, or blind embossing. A UHD expansion mode for the EyeC ProofRunner HighLight is available, providing even more flexibility and performance.

ROTOCON sales director Pascal Aengenvoort is impressed with the efficiency in which GPI conducts its business in Nigeria. ‘From the technical team on the ground to the management team in the office, they’re proficient.’ According to him, the EyeC installation at GPI went smoothly and straightforward. ‘It’s a world-class factory. They want to make sure they run world-class quality. With the EyeC system, it will ensure that quality control is continued throughout.’ Pascal explains that EyeC ProofRunner uses a high-resolution 8k colour camera to detect the merest defects, even at larger inspection widths. ‘We know this market very well, and this is not just sales talk, I’ve never seen a system this easy to install, to operate and to teach to an operator. There has never been a more fluent and faultless system to install.’

ROTOCON service manager William White, who conducted the EyeC installation at GPI in Nigeria, says the process was seamless. ‘It took three days to install the machine on the press and get things up and running. We hit a slight snag when we had to shave 2mm off the custom-made brackets, but it was done in no time. The rest of the installation continued without so much as a hitch,’ Williams comments. He says not only does the EyeC ProofRunner boast one of the most advanced camera systems in the world, but the mechanics of the machine has been optimised with fibre optic cables and integrated systems that make it really easy to install and operate. ‘With European standards, the GPI team in Nigeria proved to be professional and technically adept – they knew what they were doing.’

ROTOCON: Partners you can trust

Graphic Packaging International had a positive experience working with ROTOCON, the print technology supplier that provided the EyeC Proofrunner Web 800. According to Warren, ROTOCON’s ability to offer an ideal solution that matched the company’s requirements played a pivotal role in their decision to choose the EyeC Proofrunner Web 800. ‘ROTOCON’s strong project management and aftermarket service were particularly commendable, and Graphic Packaging International expressed high satisfaction with their overall service,’ he explains. The installation of the EyeC Proofrunner Web 800 at Graphic Packaging International promises to be a game-changer for the company’s operations in Nigeria. With its compact design and high-quality performance, this system is set to improve quality, productivity, and provide opportunities to explore new markets. ROTOCON’s role as a service provider has been pivotal in making this installation a success. Graphic Packaging International anticipates significant benefits from this investment, and ROTOCON looks forward to seeing their continued success in the industry.

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Another happy EyeC ProofRunner installation for Graphic Packaging International (GPI) in Nigeria, thanks to the ROTOCON crew

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