February 2018 Newsletter: A fresh new look for ROTOCON online

A brand-new year began with a fresh new look for the ROTOCON website!

Our new mobile-friendly site features a collection of all the partners and their products we represent in Southern Africa, in addition to our own privately-labeled equipment and tooling.

Uniprint settles for AVT

Having attained satisfying quality and production output from last year’s investment in AVT equipment, Uniprint has installed another two Helios S inspection systems, commissioned by ROTOCON.

An automatic inspection system delivering 100% quality assurance, Helios S deploys dedicated, advanced algorithms designed to detect any type of defect, including colour misregister or variations, misprints, text errors, spots, splashes, die-cut problems, barcode errors and missing labels.

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A year in review

2017 proved another stellar year for ROTOCON, and for that, we have our 3 teams in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg to thank, along with our customers for their continued support.

Here’s a summary» of all the highlights of sales of equipment and consumables, as well as new principals signed.

Why printing automation is the future

Printing automation optimises your printing process in two different ways: it eliminates errors, and makes repetitive tasks a thing of the past.

In his blog, Bert van den Brink, Technical Director and one of the founders of MPS explores why automation is an essential part of a viable and fully optimised printing process and is the future in the label printing industry.

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