First-ever ECOLINE stands the test of time

Label Mountain’s Barry de Vries and Dirk Harris with ROTOCON’s Pascal Aengenvoort standing next to the first ECOLINE, an RDF 330 digital printed label converting and finishing system, installed in South Africa in 2016

ROTOCON’S first-ever ECOLINE RDF 330 digital printed label converting and finishing machine installed in South Africa has been providing consistent and reliable results for Stellenbosch-based Label Mountain since 2016.

Five years ago, Label Mountain opened its doors as the first dedicated label printer located along the Stellenbosch Wine Route. Although the company’s focus is still primarily on the wine and spirits markets, it also serves customers in the food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial, as well as freight and logistics industries.

‘Our doors are always open to customers and the walk-in mini-sized label factory concept has allowed us to build good relationships with them. It’s important for us to create a welcoming atmosphere while also providing solutions that meet their evolving labelling needs,’ comments director Dirk Harris.

Dirk describes the ECOLINE RDF 330 – which offers one printing station (for printing and/or varnishing) with UV curing, cold foiling, semi-rotary die-cutting and lamination capabilities – as the most important machine on the floor.

‘It’s essential for our machines to run smoothly and always provide high-quality end-results. Since its installation, we’ve had no major issues with the RDF 330,’ he comments.

Operator Ramone Daniels adds that the machine’s user-friendly and safety features, compact footprint and diverse capabilities have inspired him to learn more. ‘Before joining Label Mountain in 2019, I didn’t have any industry knowledge. Craig Greeff, the lead operator with 17 years’ experience, has been a great mentor,’ Ramone reports. ‘He has, for instance, taught me the importance of the operator using the machinery correctly and minimising the number of human errors so that we can obtain the best quality results.’

Dirk agrees that everyone in the operation has an important role to play because the team consists of fewer than 10 staff members. ‘Although we may have less staff and machinery on the floor than other conventional label printers, everything runs smoothly due to the calibre of our investments and the after-sales service received from ROTOCON. ‘We can’t afford to have machines that cause downtime and the quality of support we’ve received from the local ROTOCON team (led by Michael and Pascal Aengenvoort) provides assurance that if any situation arises, they’ll sort it out in a timely manner.’

ROTOCON also supplies Label Mountain with consumables, including Wink flexible dies and Cheshire anilox rollers to ensure the company obtains the best quality results.

‘We’ve always had a quick response from ROTOCON and the turnaround time on the dies is amazing,’ remarks production manager Ryan Knowlden.

‘We’re excited to see how Label Mountain has grown over the years and proud that they’ve entrusted us to help them on this exciting journey,’ comments ROTOCON director Pascal Aengenvoort.

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