Infinite inspecting and imprinting possibilities

The second-generation Rosas Maschinenbau Gazelle bidirectional rewinder for imprinting a variety of label types at rates of up to 50m/min.

Rosas Maschinenbau, a second-generation German family business that specialises in the manufacture of customised high-performance tabletop rewinders and inspection machines, has introduced four product improvements for the label converting market.

The first is the Infinity 4K line scan camera (pictured below) for tabletop rewinders that handle web widths of up to 520mm. The system works with automatic setup software, which includes features such as PDF master check and rollmap with PDF proof report.

Rosas Maschinenbau Infinity 4K line scan camera

MD David Rosas Wolf explains that the new AI- based print inspection technology provides label checking similar to that of a human operator with two decades of experience.

Code reading and logging are also part of the system, which comes complete with reflex-free illumination, screen and CFK encoder roller.

Rosas has also introduced the second-generation Gazelle high-speed bidirectional rewinder for imprinting a variety of label types. The company worked on the development with Graphtech USA, which incorporated the EZ 202 DOD colour inkjet head (pictured below) based on Epson S3200 technology. Rosas Maschinenbau-EZ 202 DOD colour inkjet head

This inkjet head and complementary UV LED curing system enables the machine to deliver real-time database serialisation at 600 x 600dpi in full colour at production rates of up to 50m/min.

The Gazelle II DOD Color is also designed with a pre-installed interface for the fully-automatic 100% inspection module, quick release of tension axles (for simple reel change installations and removals) and web tension on the curve (hard on the inside and soft on the outside).

The third product development is the FP III flexo printing unit series, which is available in web widths from 330 to 1 100mm and works with gravure cylinder sleeve technology. Every cylinder features a gearless servo drive that enables a simple, format-free change from the doctor blade chamber to the pressure rubber cylinder.

According to David, Rosas has designed the Deer I as a smart and compact web doctor machine to run at a maximum production speed of 300m/min. It includes a third waste rewinder for removing longer misprints and converting errors as well as a splice table with integrated pneumatic clamps.

Feature picture caption: The second-generation Gazelle bidirectional rewinder for imprinting a variety of label types at rates of up to 50m/min.

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