JMB Labels: Prospering with MPS investment

The MPS EC UV, installed in 2013, still operates perfectly and is JMB Labels’ flagship machine.
The MPS EC UV, installed in 2013, still operates perfectly and is JMB Labels’ flagship machine.
The MPS EC UV, installed in 2013, still operates perfectly and is JMB Labels’ flagship machine.

Managed and owned by Ahmed and Aslam Monia, JMB Labels is one of South Africa’s leading and fastest growing label printing specialists. From humble beginnings in 1987, JMB Labels today occupies a 1 500 m² office and factory site in Amalgam, Johannesburg.

JMB Labels’ early success was built on supplying plain and printed self-adhesive labels for the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail markets. Because of a surge in demand, the company was compelled to expand the business and invest in additional machinery.

In 2013, JMB Labels became the proud owners of a MPS EC UV flexo multi-substrate press. All thanks to ROTOCON, a leading supplier of state-of-the-art printing technology and consumables for South Africa’s narrow-web and label printing industries.

The MPS EC UV has multi-substrate capabilities and can handle material thickness from 12 to 450 µm. A 410 mm web width makes it ideal for the production of self-adhesive and shrink-sleeve labels at speeds of up to 200 m/min.

Aslam and Ahmed considered several presses that could potentially meet their needs. However, it was more than just technology that won MPS flexo press the deciding vote. “We were blown away by the press’s state-of-the-art features and by the people who make it all happen.”

One year after the initial installation, Aslam says JMB Labels had entered new markets, attracted new customers, including FMCG companies, and achieved a 30% increase in sales.

“We’re still very much focused on doing business with independent companies, instead of multi-corporations. That’s because we’re able to offer them that ‘personal touch.’ It’s a strong component of our operation,” comments Aslam.

“We’ve built strong relationships with our customers over the years. As they’ve grown, so have we.” According to Aslam, market trends have also evolved, and many products traditionally bearing self-adhesive labels are now presented in wraparound or shrink sleeve labels. “As a result, we’ve had to make changes to our business model to keep one step ahead and meet brand owners’ requirements.”

Equipment extraordinaire

Impressed with the capabilities of the MPS EC UV, and how it streamlined its core business, owners Ahmed and Aslam purchased a second MPS flexo press—the EFS 430–in 2015.

“The MPS press has improved our production process at all levels,” says Farhad Evans, production manager at JMB Labels. “Make-ready times are shorter with the use of printing sleeves as compared to conventional printing cylinders. The short web path facilitates cost saving on material and reduces wastage.”

Most importantly for Aslam and his team is that the print quality of the MPS is constant throughout the run and it has given them the confidence to target more companies seeking high-end, quality labels and packaging for their products.

He says the MPS flexo presses features predictable, high-quality label printing and user-friendly press operation. “The MPS is known for its reliable productivity, and we haven’t looked back since.”

“We’re completely satisfied with the MPS presses. Runs of 10 000 to 1 million labels are done with ease and efficiency. We’re also quite pleased with the level of service received from the entire MPS and ROTOCON teams.”

The MPS flexo presses are built standard with Crisp.Dot light technology delivering superior print quality, iSet intelligent pressure settings, iStop technology ensuring zero waste at roll change, full-length rail system, quick change die-station, and a pre-register function.

JMB Labels’ ROTOCONTROL RSC 440 slitter/rewinder can handle diverse finishing requirements.
JMB Labels’ ROTOCONTROL RSC 440 slitter/rewinder can handle diverse finishing requirements.

In addition, JMB Labels boasts a ROTOCONTROL RSC 440 slitter/rewinder to handle its diverse finishing requirements. “Back then, the machine was marketed for its rewinding speed of 320 m/min. We showed Michael and his team that we could, in fact, rewinding at 320 m/min, and that it wasn’t merely a marketing ploy,” Aslam says grinning.

With the RSC 440 slitter/rewinder and servo drive technology, which can run self-adhesive labels and unsupported film for shrink sleeves, JMB Labels offers its clients super-fast and accurate finishing.

JMB Labels also sports a ROTOCON ECOLINE RSI 430 slitting, inspection, and rewinding system to keep abreast with production, market trends, and the latest technological developments. “While the digital printing trend is inevitable, the MPS flexo press and ECOLINE RSI 430 offers swift change-over times for longer print runs, so we haven’t yet seen the need to convert completely to digital.”

Superior support

In 2020, JMB Labels invested in UV Ray Atom systems to increase savings on lamp cooling costs and improve curing quality.
In 2020, JMB Labels invested in UV Ray Atom systems to increase savings on lamp cooling costs and improve curing quality.

In 2020, JMB Labels invested in UV Ray Atom systems fitted onto its MPS 8-colour flexo presses to increase savings on lamp cooling costs and to improve its curing quality and overall productivity. UV Ray is an Italian company with 20 years’ experience in producing dichroic reflectors that balance energy efficiency and reliability.

“We did extensive research and found the UV Ray system suits us best because of guaranteed performance and energy savings,” says Aslam. “Another reason is our great relationship with ROTOCON, who always goes the extra mile.”

Aslam adds that ROTOCON has well-trained engineers with international backup capable of servicing their MPS flexo and ROTOCONTROL finishing machines efficiently. “We have an open 24-hour communication line to ROTOCON. There are no Saturdays and Sundays with them, and we tend to have our best conversations after hours. They’re at our every beck and call.”

With a solid relationship and good technical support, Aslam and his team appreciate ROTOCON’s dedication to delivering superior after-sales service and technical support. “Just like JMB Labels, ROTOCON’s owners are very much hands-on in the day-to-day running of the business and driven by passion and pride. We share a similar service and business philosophy and we’re made to feel part of the family.”

JMB Labels is continuously growing with its customer base to provide them with top-quality products. It’s been ably supported in this mission by suppliers such as ROTOCON, who offer the perfect combination of ultra-modern machinery and top-class service.

It’s been nine years since the initial MPS installation at JMB Labels, and Aslam says the machines have been running tip-top without a hitch. “The MPS’s reputation for quality and reliability is legendary. Not only are the machines easy to install and operate, but it has worked perfectly from day one.”

Aslam says his customers have noticed significant improvements in the accuracy of their work and faster job turnarounds. He reiterates the importance of strong, long-standing, and trusted business relationships. “We’ve built enduring alliances with all our suppliers, including the entire team at ROTOCON. We trust their products and industry expertise and we know we’re getting the best for our business, and ultimately, for our customers.”


Farhad Evans (JMB Labels’ production manager), Michael Aengenvoort (ROTOCON group CEO), Aslam Monia (JMB Labels’ co-owner) and John Lomberg (ROTOCON co-owner).

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