LabelLink invests in die-cutting innovation

Labellink, a division of WA Stemmet Consulting, recently invested in Wink’s SmartGap® TOUCH adjustable anvil cylinder to enhance the die-cutting capabilities of its ROTOCON ECOLINE RDF 340 digital printed label converting and finishing system.

Wink’s SmartGap AUTOCONTROL system has an adjustment range of 80μm and enables individual adjustment on the left and right and simultaneous adjustment on both sides in steps of 0.5μm down to 0.1μm.The company opted for the digital SmartGap TOUCH, instead of the entry-level SmartGap ADVANCE model, as it offers numerous productivity- and efficiency-enhancing functions controlled by a touchscreen.

‘After extensive market research, it was evident that Wink is the leader in terms of quality and productivity, so it made business sense to invest in the SmartGap TOUCH system,’ comments LabelLink’s Wiaan Stemmet. ‘The automated system gives us peace of mind as it takes care of the die-cutting – a very sensitive and important step in the label-converting process.’

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