Michael the man


MICHAEL AENGENVOORT lives by defined values and the rest of the company – his sons and staff (now numbering 45 employees) – follow a similar customer-winning ethic.

The company’s success is also due to Michael’s sons Patrick and Pascal Aengenvoort who are the company directors. The twins are an integral part of the Rotocon business. They built on the values set initially by Michael which are now universally applied as the foundation for the overall company culture.

Originally from Germany, Michael traces the roots of his business back to 1977 when he bravely borrowed money and teamed up with two cousins to establish a European arm of Canada’s Rotoflex business.

“In those days, delivery of a rotary die took four to five weeks. Today we deliver dies produced in our Johannesburg factory in 48 to 72 hours, or flexible dies, manufactured in Germany, in 48 hours.”

He learnt the business at the sharp end – experience that has stood him in good stead throughout his business life. “When we started the tooling business in Germany, I became the company’s first hand-sharpener,” Michael says. After two years of hard manual graft, Michael turned his sights to sales, visiting customers to sell tools and machinery.

“Sales and marketing became my passion.”

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