Michael Wang Appointed as Managing Director of ROTOCON Asia

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (December 14, 2021)—ROTOCON is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Wang as Managing Director and shareholder of ROTOCON Asia.

ROTOCON began working with Wang in 2013 to develop an economy line of finishing equipment that meets the technology investment needs of balancing the highest possible specifications with competitive pricing. Since then, the ECOLINE brand has grown to encompass seven systems of slitter/rewinders with inspection, an ultrasonic anilox roller cleaner, a plate mounter, and a cost-efficient flexographic printing press.

“From the very beginning of our interactions, Michael Wang was always open to find ways to customize and optimize the ECOLINE machines to meet our design goals and incorporate customer feedback,” said Michael Aengenvoort.

“Over the years, we formed a strong partnership built on trust, which is especially important when doing business in different continents and cultures. Appointing Michael Wang to lead our ROTOCON Asia subsidiary was a logical decision.”

The ECOLINE machines are produced in the China–Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) area, where Wang resides and oversees design changes and production. The area boasts many large high-tech global corporations and Fortune 500 companies. Two high-speed railways and proximity to the sea provide advantages in shipping freight.

Every ECOLINE slitter/rewinder and press has a compact footprint, easy-to-use control panel and open machine design to maximize operator friendliness. A modem for remote fault finding and maintenance allows ROTOCON to respond quickly to operators’ software and drive-related queries.

According to Wang, he views his many years of living in Canada as a significant benefit to his partnership with ROTOCON. “Living in a westernized country taught me how to bridge differences between cultures and maintain open communication, which I believe helped foster the open and trusting partnership ROTOCON and I share today,” he said. “It’s an honour to now lead the ROTOCON Asia subsidiary.”

Michael Aengenvoort, Pascal Aengenvoort, Patrick Aengenvoort, and Michael Wang met together face-to-face for the first time in years at ROTOCONTROL’s recent two-day open house in Siek, Germany.

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Pascal Aengenvoort, Michael Aengenvoort, Michael Wang, and Patrick Aengenvoort at the ROTOCONTROL open house in Siek, Germany


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In South Africa, ROTOCON represents industry-leading brands including Cheshire Anilox Technology, Domino, DuPont, Erhardt+Leimer, Kocher+Beck, MPS, Pantec GS Systems, Phoseon Technology, Rheintacho, Rosas Maschinenbau, ROTOCONTROL, Screen, UV Ray, and Wink, in addition to ECOLINE finishing machines. On-site installations, training, after-sales service, maintenance, spare parts, consumables, and refurbished equipment are also available through ROTOCON.

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