NC grinder investment enhances quality precision

Showing off the NC grinder in ROTOCON’s Johannesburg tooling manufacturing facility are director, Patrick Aengenvoort, operator Mishak Sakhonekga, and operations manager, Lars Jöris. The grinder provides an average operational cost savings of 30% compared with the two older models it has replaced.

IN February, ROTOCON’s Johannesburg manufacturing facility took delivery of a high-precision cylindrical grinder to replace two old machines, which had reached the end of their working lifespans, and to help the toolroom keep up with an increase in workload.

‘We were looking for a well-priced, quality machine that could deliver the high tolerance and accuracy levels required to grind print cylinders, anvil rollers and rotary dies, as well as refurbish magnetic cylinders,’ explains director Patrick Aengenvoort. ‘The other decisive factor in choosing our technology partner was that the company had to match ROTOCON’s customer service philosophy of providing excellent local market technical support, training infrastructure and spares availability.’

The operator, Mishak Sakhonekga, who has extensive grinding industry experience, was comfortable with the new model’s features after a day’s training. Mishak is very satisfied with its ease of use, high tolerance and efficiency levels.

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Michael Aengenvoort (ROTOCON group CEO), Benny Friedman (Rebsons Labels managing director), Carlton Motolla (machine operator), Linda Madonsela (supervisor), Norman Maja (die-cutter) standing next to the CHROME RDF 340.

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