Partnering for platemaking success

Stallion Repro’s MD, Jeff Cutler (right), and platemaker, Storm Meyers, with the Esko CDI Spark 4835. It images all digital photopolymer plates, ranging from 0.76 to 6.35mm in thickness and up to 1 200 x 900mm in size.

• Cyrel® EASY ESX: the built-in flat top dot digital plate designed for the highest quality printing of halftones, linework and solidsSINCE Rotocon was appointed as the distributor of the DuPont Cyrel brand of flexographic plates and platemaking equipment four months ago, it has set up a dedicated division to cement the new business relationships created with the narrowweb industry’s repro houses.

One of these new business relationships includes Durban-based Stallion Repro, which has supplied printing plates to the industry since 2000. Production manager, Jesse Jeffrey, points out that Rotocon’s well-established name in the industry gives Stallion Repro peace of mind.

‘Quality, service and customer relationships are of utmost importance to us, and we believe Rotocon shares the same outlook.’

MD, Jeff Cutler, adds that the team has been using the DuPont Cyrel plates for the past 20 years so it’s important that Rotocon, as the distributor, creates a stable supply and customer support environment. ‘Although this is the first time we are working with Rotocon, and the relationship is still in its infancy, we look forward to building on it.’

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