Perfecting digital gap control and adjustment

DURING Propak Africa 2019, Wink’s die-cutting expert, Wiebke Momann, joined the Rotocon team to demonstrate the partners’ leading label production technologies for visitors to the company’s three stands.

Rotocon founder, Michael Aengenvoort, points out that die-cutting labels is a demanding process, with several factors influencing the choice of tooling.

‘While some applications can be run with standard, uncoated flexible dies, most need specialised coatings or hardening to guarantee efficient processing. This is why we were showcasing Wink’s SuperCut flexible dies, which are finished with a wide range of coatings and treatments, to help converters meet their quality, cost efficiency and quick turnaround time needs. This is thanks to Wink being able to help minimise production downtime by manufacturing and shipping these dies to South Africa within 48 hours.’

Michael adds that intelligent cylinder gap adjustment is playing an increasingly important role in compensating for the tolerances of die-cutting components (cylinders, flexible dies and materials), especially with label liners getting thinner and thinner.

Find out more about Wink’s die-cutting technologies»» featured in the May 2019 issue of PPM

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