Illuminating sharp image capture

Rheintacho’s high-performance RT Strobe 3000 and RT Strobe 5000 LED-stroboscopes provide powerful light output and a homogenous illumination area for web widths of 300mm and 500mm respectively.

Their extremely short flash duration (<5μs), enables precise, sharply-defined image capture regardless of the speed of movement.


200% committed to higher quality and productivity

Erhardt+Leimer’s SMARTSCAN system combines web monitoring, 200% inspection and label counting with ease of use via a one-touch button set-up.

SMARTSCAN permanently checks the entire web width and length to detect and intelligently classify printing defects, missing labels, unremoved matrix, splice points, and flags.


Customer-specific machine solutions

Rosas Maschinenbau is a second-generation family business that manufactures customised high-performance tabletop rewinder and inspection machines,

They provide specialized printing and converting machines and units for label/forms printers, mail producers, as well as paper and film converters—for new installations and retrofitting existing production machinery.


Intelligent inspection systems

Whether it’s uncomplicated proofreading of print templates, fast and reliable PDF checking in prepress, or efficient control on the press or in post-press, EyeC is the only provider worldwide that ensures 100% quality control throughout the entire design and printing process carried out as a system solution ‘from a single source’.

The use of over 2 000 EyeC print inspection systems at top pharmaceutical companies, printers, and cosmetics and food manufacturers in 100 countries speaks for itself.