Illuminating sharp image capture

Rheintacho’s high-performance RT Strobe 3000 and RT Strobe 5000 LED-stroboscopes provide powerful light output and a homogenous illumination area for web widths of 300mm and 500mm respectively.

Their extremely short flash duration (<5μs), enables precise, sharply-defined image capture regardless of the speed of movement.


200% committed to higher quality and productivity

Erhardt+Leimer’s SMARTSCAN system combines web monitoring, 200% inspection and label counting with ease of use via a one-touch button set-up.

This high-precision technology is backed by 100 years of dedication to continued excellence, which has helped this German family-owned company, grow into a leading global manufacturer of control and inspection equipment.


Waste reduction:
what the doctor ordered

Rosas Maschinenbau is a second-generation family business that manufactures customised high-performance tabletop rewinder and inspection machines,

They share the same design philosophy underpinned by quality, productivity, and sustainability.