Training cracks the die-cutting code

The complexity of manufacturing cutting tools is often underrated.

As part of ROTOCON’s ongoing quest to provide our customers in the labelling and narrow-web sector with excellent service, support and education, we offer die-cutting training modules for tooling purchase or sales staff, press operators, and assistants.

Goals of training sessions

Various departments of your company are involved with tooling and can benefit from our training modules.

Our ROTOTraining sessions will explain how to:

  • Handle tooling with care to maximize tool life 
  • Place die orders correctly
  • Provide your customers with the best technical assistance when choosing the correct die for a specified material
  • Reap the best results and value from your tooling

What’s covered? 

ROTOTraining addresses: 

  • Ordering, manufacturing, shipping, and delivery of flexible and rotary dies plus magnetic cylinders 
  • The role of cutting angles and materials 
  • Care instructions and fault analysis
  • Insight into different die finishes for specialized materials
  • Troubleshooting die cutting issues 
  • Do’s and don’ts of handling and storing tooling

Refresher training sessions are also available to remind your team members about aspects they may have forgotten about, receive updates on the latest technological developments, know what’s currently available in the market, and how all this can be applied in the production environment.

Where is ROTOTraining offered? 

Our expert training officer travels countrywide to our customers looking to take advantage of our in-depth, value-added die-cut training modules.

Virtual training sessions are also available.

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Lebone Paarl Labels received ROTOTraining by our training officer Allan Musakwa to ensure all its highly qualified operators are on the same level of understanding in the highly technical process of die-cutting a wide range of specialised materials. Read the article here>>