Propak Africa 2022 showstopper

Michael Aengenvoort (group CEO), Banie Stafford (BCreative), Akmuth Sayed (Durban branch manager), Patrick Aengenvoort (co-owner & sales director), Noli Makhambi (receptionist), Oscar Mashele (service technician), Kevin Naidu (DuPont), Rosa Langa (Busybee Catering), Marcelle Morta (sales manager), John Lomberg (co-owner), Tim Shaw (technical manager), Prashika Naidu (DuPont), and Pascal Aengenvoort (co-owner).

Arriving at stand B20 in Hall 5 of the Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg, ROTOCON’s presence could be felt throughout this major trade show. The 10×11-m stand was a head turner and a hive of activity with business owners, label printers and members of the media poring over printing machines or clambering over each other, eager to get some facetime with sales staff or catch a glimpse of the latest tech in action.

The temporary, yet stylish boardroom allowed ROTOCON suits to host business meetings with prospective buyers, close a quick deal or discuss company strategy. Complemented by an active social media marketing campaign, there was a palpable buzz around the ROTOCON stand. “If you’re unable to attend Propak, we’ll bring Propak to you,” quipped group CEO Michael Aengenvoort.

The mother of trade fairs

It was ROTOCON’s third time at this triennial event and taking pride of place were its ECOLINE RSH label inspection, slitting and rewinding machine and flagship RDF 340 digital printing label converting and finishing machine.

Key members of ROTOCON’s sales team, including co-owners Pascal and Patrick Aengenvoort and John Lomberg, and a proficient team of technicians from the Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban branches were on hand to explain the efficiencies or mechanical intricacies of the equipment.

The talk of the town at Propak Africa was the compact footprint of the ROTOCON ECOLINE range. “I was impressed with the easy-to-use control panel and open machine design to ensure a user-friendly operator experience,” one label printer said.  “We introduced the first ECOLINE slitter rewinder at Propak six years ago,” Michael says. “Today, with over 100 ECOLINE machines sold, we’ve made some serious inroads in delivering world-class customer service with unrelenting commitment to quality. We’re on a mission to be the No 1 supplier of printing and converting equipment and consumables in South Africa’s labelling and narrow-web sector.”

ECOLINE is distributed exclusively in South Africa by ROTOCON and shared its space with a total of 15 trusted brand partners. With such an expansive international principal network in their arsenal, Michael and his team can cover the entire scope of production technology, from prepress to printing via digital and analogue technologies to all manner of ancillary and finishing systems.

The represented brands at the expo included Cheshire Anilox Technology, Domino, DuPont, Erhardt+Leimer, Kocher+Beck, MPS, Phoseon Technology, Rheintacho, Rosas, Machinenbau, Rotocontrol, Screen, UV Ray, Wink, EyeC Integration and Pantec Print Decoration.

EyeC sales director Ralph Beier

Quality control

ROTOCON used the expo to officially introduce its new partnership with EyeC and its revolutionary ProofRunner web in-line inspection system to the local industry. EyeC’s technology is unique in that it ensures product quality throughout the entire printing process, from the first artwork file to the finished product.

“The product portfolio includes file-to-file comparison for artwork revision control and prepress applications, print-to-file inspection systems for press sample testing and 100% print quality control,” EyeC sales director Ralph Beier says.

The EyeC ProofRunner gives printers peace of mind with automatic 100% inspection of all items across the web. It also gives content verification against the customer’s proof and the best mix- up prevention imaginable – right on the press or on a rewinder. “Inspection results are instantly available,” Ralph says. “This allows you to take immediate corrective action so you can rest assured that you print exactly what your customer expects.” In an age where every bit of waste is scrutinised, EyeC’s ProofRunner gives users complete control over the printing process, thus avoiding any waste.

Innovative labelling

Given today’s overcrowded wine shelves, it’s a well-known fact that innovative labelling is the cornerstone of a winery’s success. Combining the efficiency and versatility of flatbed technology, Swiss manufacturer Pantec Print Decoration’s range of RHINO embossing systems is  a gamechanger for those specialising in label printing. Its high-quality, high- production, customisable multifoiling and embossing technology allows you to expand your embellishment capabilities.

Banie Stafford (BCreative), Roger Meierhofer (Pantec area sales manager) and Michael Aengenvoort (ROTOCON group CEO).
Banie Stafford (BCreative), Roger Meierhofer (Pantec area sales manager) and Michael Aengenvoort (ROTOCON group CEO)

Pantec’s RHINO E 340/410 and RHINO S 410/510 units are specifically designed for efficient running, Pantec area sales manager Roger Meierhofer says. “Flatbed technology allows you to produce highly embellished labels with low tooling costs.” The RHINO system has a proven track record in the global wine market, having produced high-end labels for renowned wine brands such as Francis Ford Coppola, Monte Real Cuvée and Clos de Caille.

Flatbed embossing technology opens a world of possibilities, Roger says. “From creating metallic or haptic effects through hot foiling to embossing or adding holographic foils or strips, the sky’s the limit,” he says. Thanks to the high-stroke frequency (30 000 strokes per hour), the RHINO S is best suited for label printers dedicated to the production of impeccably embellished labels. “The RHINO S combines refined embellishment technologies with a performance that meets the high-speed requirements of modern printing machines. The RHINO S can operate independently in a printing press and therefore be prepared even while the machine is running. In addition to the short changeover time, the foil-saving system makes RHINO S one of the most efficient multistroke systems on the planet.”

The RHINO E unit is recommended for printers specialising in short production runs, but where quality is a prerequisite. Besides offering all the advantages of the well-established RHINO technology, this model is designed for frequent job changes. In other words, the tools can be changed without cutting the foils. For those looking to win the battle on the shelf, Pantec’s RHINO offers a cost- effective, result-driven solution.

Written by Anton Pretorius, WineLand Magazine

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