Reliable and Resourceful – Cornerstones of ROTOCON’S Operation

Established in 2008, ROTOCON is a family-owned business led by German-born Michael Aengenvoort and his sons, Pascal and Patrick. Collectively, the trio has 65 years of hands-on experience and intimate knowledge of label printing and finishing machines, accessories, and consumables.


Marco Aengenvoort (MD of Rotocontrol), Pascal, Patrick and Michael Aengenvoort.Now with 12 years of experience, product knowledge and an extensive installed customer base, ROTOCON has proven to be a reliable provider of high-quality printing equipment to the South African narrow web industry.

Because of its well-established installation base in the local market, ROTOCON has formed long-lasting digital printing partnerships with several key label printing companies in the Western Cape. These companies have recognised the valuable contribution ROTOCON has made to the label printing sector of South Africa.

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