ROTOCON and EyeC kick-start partnership at Propak Africa

EyeC ProofRunner Web inline inspection system
Ralph Beier sales director at EyeC and Michael Aengenvoort ROTOCON group CEO with EyeC ProofRunner
EyeC sales director, Ralph Beier and ROTOCON group CEO, Michael Aengenvoort celebrated the distribution partnership agreement at the Propak Africa trade expo

ROTOCON announced its appointment as the exclusive distribution partner of EyeC artwork and print inspection systems in South Africa during the Propak Africa 2022 trade exhibition held in Johannesburg.

EyeC sales director, Ralph Beier, joined the ROTOCON team to meet existing and potential local customers and showcase the ProofRunner Web inline inspection system unit installed on an ECOLINE RSH machine for label inspection, slitting, and rewinding.

‘ROTOCON’s knowledge of the print industry and exemplary coverage of the South African market, coupled with an experienced technical support team, made adding the company to our global distribution partner network an easy decision,’ Ralph remarked.

Internationally, there are over 2 000 EyeC inspection systems in use by pharmaceutical companies, printers and manufacturers of luxury and branded consumer goods. ‘Local technical service and support is critical for these customers and has enabled EyeC to support 20 of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies,’ he noted.

Michael Aengenvoort, ROTOCON group CEO, added: ‘Over the past 20 years, EyeC has built a reputation of providing reliable, high-quality inspection systems to help customers implement rigorous quality control processes and ensure compliance. Its product portfolio – which includes file-to-file comparison for artwork revision control and prepress applications, print-to-file inspection systems for press sample testing, and 100% print quality control – will be of great benefit to South African printers throughout the entire cycle of their production process.’

Ralph explained that the EyeC ProofRunner Web inline inspection system can be installed on a printing press or rewinder/slitter to monitor the quality of the entire print job and check it against the approved artwork PDF. The information contained in the PDF is used to define priority regions, adjust inspection sensitivity automatically and alert the operator in case of defects such as colour deviations, misregisters, press contamination, filled in or missing characters, hickies or poor quality codes.

‘Thanks to its intelligent technology, the EyeC ProofRunner Web only alerts the operator in the case of significant deviations, which helps to reduce potential eye strain and fatigue. The clear presentation of deviations and key statistical information, such as the defect heatmap, helps the operator to understand the location and origin of printing defects easily and then take corrective action to remove the defective items and replace them just before shipment to customers,’ Ralph remarked. ‘The ability to catch defects in real-time allows the operator to correct the problem before too much waste material has been printed. The inspection system also eliminates the need for overruns as it counts the number of good items produced, which prevents the waste of expensive consumables and valuable machine time.’

In addition, the full inspection report automatically produced at the end of each job offers managers a perfect tracking, analysis and communication support document. ‘This validation support also assists print service providers (PSPs) to meet customers’ ISO standard compliance requirements when they get audited because it demonstrates that they have a validatable process in place,’ he pointed out.

Michael added that an EyeC technician will come out from Germany before the end of the month with an additional scanner-based system and set up the tradeshow EyeC ProofRunner Web unit in Rotocon’s Johannesburg showroom to train its technicians on these specific user interface systems. ‘This training won’t take long as our technical team previously worked with AVT inspection systems and there are EyeC inspection systems installed on two ECOLINE RSI label finishing machines at ROTOCONTROL’s demo centre in Siek, Germany, for full press to rewind customer demos,’ he commented. ‘ROTOCON also has an ECOLINE RSI inspection slitter/rewinder machine installed at this centre for customer demos because ROTOCONTROL is our distribution partner in the European market.’

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