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Sullwald Printing Solutions CEO Marius Sullwald demonstrates the die-cutting capabilities of the ECOLINE RDF 330.
Sullwald Printing Solutions CEO Marius Sullwald demonstrates the die-cutting capabilities of the ECOLINE RDF 330.

Article by Anton Pretorius, featured in the July 2021 issue of WineLand Magazine. PDF version here.

For 21 years, Sullwald Printing Solutions (formerly Coastal Labels) has been a trusted supplier of innovative labels to the South African wine industry. Now, thanks to new printing technology and its long-standing partnership with ROTOCON, the company is entering a new era of prosperity.

AT COASTAL LABELS’ recent 21st anniversary celebrations at its premises in Brackenfell near Cape Town, CEO Marius Sullwald announced the company’s name change to Sullwald Printing Solutions, adding the time had come for the business to enter a new phase of maturity. This includes two new, state-of-the-art printing machines that offer clients a broader selection of custom-made labels.

“The industry is changing,” Marius says. “And we need to change along with it. It took me two months to convince myself to use our family name. But being a family business, it made perfect sense. In an attempt to diversify our portfolio, we felt the timing was right for a change. Our journey’s been an interesting but ethical one and we’re proud to bear the name of Sullwald Printing Solutions.”

At the event Marius and his team introduced suppliers, clients and members of media to Sullwald’s range of printing equipment: the SCREEN TRUEPRESS L350UV+ Series and ECOLINE RDF 330, both proudly supplied by ROTOCON.


Sullwald’s SCREEN TRUEPRESS Jet L350UV+ Series machine
Sullwald’s SCREEN TRUEPRESS Jet L350UV+ Series machine.

Marius took attendees on a comprehensive tour of the business, explaining the intricacies of each machine in detail. Digital label printing is a fairly new concept in South Africa, but the demand is growing, he says. Modern printing businesses should accordingly have a healthy balance of both flexo and digital printing equipment to diversify their label offering.

“We’ve noticed a rising trend among wine businesses who require shorter runs with more variants and tailor-made labels. Inkjet printing is the future. The consistency, flexibility and ease of use make it a necessary addition to the company.”

Marius refers to the TRUEPRESS Jet L350UV+ Series. Distributed exclusively by ROTOCON, it’s the ultimate digital customisation printing machine, he says. “The amazing aspect of this machine is that it’s instantaneous. You simply press the button and the ink literally jets directly onto the paper. No plates, no cleaning, no setting up. It’s a simple, turn-key solution that consistently produces high-quality labels.”

“The TRUEPRESS Jet L350UV+ Series offers improved colour reproduction and superior scalability, enabling it to meet an even wider variety of market needs,” ROTOCON Group CEO Michael Aengenvoort says. Another huge benefit is that there are no consumables.

The ink is injected directly onto the substrate. The machine’s seamless plug-and-play process makes it easy for wineries to reproduce a label with updated information the following year.

“It doesn’t matter how much information needs to be included on the label, because the TRUEPRESS Jet L350UV+ Series can handle as many different versions and variations as necessary,” Marius says. It’s already bringing unrivalled levels of functionality to his operation. “It’s providing a tremendous boost to our competitive edge in the market for self-adhesive wine labels and has considerably expanded the range of labels we can print.”

The high-speed capability of the TRUEPRESS Jet L350UV+ Series ensures maximum productivity in the minimum time. Its stability enables consistent print quality in repeat jobs, regardless of operator skill level.

ROTOCON has announced that the newly-upgraded TRUEPRESS Jet L350UV+ SAI Series is available in South Africa. Refer to this month’s insert for more information.


Sullwald Printing Solutions, formerly known as Coastal Labels, celebrated its 21st anniversary in June.
Sullwald Printing Solutions, formerly known as Coastal Labels, celebrated its 21st anniversary in June.

The ECOLINE RDF 330 gleams magnificently on Sullwald’s production floor. With two printing stations, the ECOLINE RDF 330 is a digital printed label converting and finishing system of the highest quality. It has allowed Sullwald to expand its label embellishments offering and produce innovative, unique labels more efficiently, Marius says. “From cold-foiling and lamination/delamination to flexo-varnishing modules, a UV dryer system, full- and semirotary die cutting and a slitting unit, this machine has it all. It allows us the freedom to produce bespoke label solutions to meet any client requirements, no matter how detailed or intricate.”

With this technology at its disposal, Sullwald can now manufacture various packaging and marketing materials such as header cards, small boxes, tags, cardboard sleeves, printed tissue and wax paper as well as ‘desensitised labels’.

Thanks to ROTOCON, Sullwald has completed four WINK SmartGap adjustable anvil cylinder upgrades on its Mark Andy presses, allowing variable adjustments of the gap dimension and cutting depth. Conventional adjustable systems have traditionally struggled with cutting-through, large working widths and high-production speeds. With WINK SmartGap, these problems are a thing of the past.


For ROTOCON, it’s not only about delivering superior printing technology. Its backs up its offering with hands-on after-sales service and continuous support from trained technicians. “Our partnership with ROTOCON has been incredible,” Marius says. “Not only does it offer reliable, quality printing equipment, but the service has been impeccable, with fast, professional after-sales service and technical support a mere phone call away. Loyalty and undivided support are important attributes for us, and they personify ROTOCON.”

Congrats Sullwald and ROTOCON on forming a digital printing partnership! Here’s wishing you many more prosperous years ahead.


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