ROTOCON ups its game with new printing pro

Anytron ANY-PRESS CMYK+W 13-inch

The Anytron ANY-PRESS CMYK+W 13-inch is not just another printer – it’s a game changer for the small to medium label printer. This all-in-one marvel is equipped with a wide 13-inch format and a built-in laminator, making it a versatile solution for producing a myriad applications, from sophisticated wine labels to robust plastic pouches. ROTOCON’s latest addition is more than just a printer, it’s a complete digital printing pro.

For the ultimate digital partnership, the ANY-PRESS pairs perfectly with the ROTOCON’s custom-built REF 340 machine and offers all the embellishment features in a single process with one set-up, including silk screening, spot varnish, hot/cold foiling and embossing. “The ANY-PRESS represents an affordable digital printing solution for creating distinctive labels that demand attention,” ROTOCON sales director Pascal Aengenvoort says.

The ANY-PRESS’ five-colour printing capability and laminator set it apart from its competitors, making it an unbeatable cost-effective solution for label manufacturing. “High-capacity toners and drums, combined with a wide array of media choices, ensure that businesses achieve the most competitive manufacturing costs for their daily label production,” Pascal says.

A standout feature of the ANY-PRESS is its integration of the powerful ANY-FLOW operating system. This innovative system empowers users to seamlessly manage colours and variable data in their designs, and print with the efficiency and precision of high-end presses. The ANY-FLOW system puts the control back into the hands of the user, offering a user-friendly experience akin to more expensive counterparts.

Another key feature is the ANY-PRESS’ white toner support that allows for the production of distinctive labels and pouches with sharper images and text on coloured papers, including kraft and transparent labels. This versatility extends to printing on materials such as art paper, PET and PP with the aid of LED laser low-temperature toner, eliminating the need for expensive coated media. This breakthrough technology enables smudge-free printing on kraft paper and contributes to the creation of eco-friendly labels and pouches.

The ANY-PRESS isn’t just a printer, it’s an all-in-one solution. It eliminates the need for a separate laminating machine by incorporating a built-in cold lamination feature. From printing labels and pouches to laminating, this digital printing pro can seamlessly execute multiple tasks in one go, saving time and resources for businesses.

The ANY-PRESS’ specs make it a force to be reckoned with. Using digital LED laser printing technology, it boasts a print resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, ensuring sharp and vibrant results. The machine can accommodate media rolls with a diameter of up to 350 mm and has a maximum printing width and media width of 330 mm. Measuring 1 350 mm (width) x 1 090 mm (depth) x 1 615 mm (height), the ANY-PRESS is a compact powerhouse that can fit into any production environment.

Powering the ANY-PRESS is a robust system, operating on 110-220VAC/12A and utilising toner-based CMYK+W five-colour cartridges. It achieves a commendable print speed of 5m/minute, ensuring swift and efficient label production. The built-in laminator is designed for cold lamination, offering additional flexibility in the printing process.

ROTOCON’s move to become the principal distributor for Anytron’s ANY-PRESS CMYK+W 13-inch marks a significant leap forward in the South African digital printing landscape. “This digital printing pro combines cutting-edge technology with cost-effectiveness, providing businesses with a competitive edge in label and packaging production,” Pascal says. As ROTOCON continues to evolve, so does its commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses.

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