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Every great business has a story about how it all began and how the founders met challenges to inject core values into the heart of the organisation. Reliability, quality and integrity are just some of these core values ingrained in ROTOCON’s DNA.

ROTOCON’s board of directors consists of John Lomberg and the Aengenvoort trio of Pascal, Patrick and Michael.IT’S BEEN SAID MANY TIMES BEFORE, but it bears repeating: a company’s ethos invariably percolates down from the top. Years of strict adherence to integrity, quality and reliability, and a personal commitment towards the industry and its client base have made ROTOCON the preferred supplier of printing and converting equipment for South Africa’s narrow-web sector.

ROTOCON continually reinforces its company values initially introduced by founder Michael Aengenvoort. He still lives and runs his business according to a defined set of values that the rest of the company – including his sons, Patrick and Pascal, and 55 employees follow. It’s from these values that the company’s management style and overall culture flow.

While ROTOCON has built an astute reputation for delivering equipment of the highest standard, quality is primarily customer-driven. Building relationships of longevity and substance with clients and partners, instead of being a fly-by-night operator looking to make a quick buck, is what makes ROTOCON tick. “Selling products and equipment is one thing, but the relationship with clients begins the day you install the machine at their premises,” Michael says. “That’s when the real work starts.”

ROTOCON’s fundamental business principals are based on honesty, reliability and helping clients every step of the way. “Besides our quality range of equipment and machinery, we have a vast network of spare parts and technicians available across the country, 24/7, to ensure that should a problem arise we have a team of professionals who can attend to it immediately.”

When it comes to printing equipment you generally get what you pay for and what appears to be a bargain could end up costing you dearly down the line. While ROTOCON’s flagship ECOLINE could be seen as a hefty investment, the return in value is tenfold. “We urge you to make the wise choice when buying printing equipment,” Michael says. “It’s essential to consider longevity and reliability, not only with machinery, but also people. We’re proud of our reputation for delivering quality equipment and providing reliable after-sales service. For us, it’s not only about selling machines, but solidifying relationships with clients and the greater industry.”

Youth development and human capital represent the cornerstone of corporate social responsibility (CSI) in the modern age. But instead of treating CSI as a tick box for compliance, ROTOCON’s has shown that its dedication towards the prosperity of South Africa and its economy runs bone-deep.

Last year, the company invested in two initiatives that underscore its commitment to youth and employee development in South Africa’s wine and printing sectors.

ROTOCON is the exclusive sponsor of WineLand’s 30 under 30 community, an initiative that recognises and honours young movers and shakers in the wine industry. Coinciding with Workers’ Day on 1 May, the “I love ROTOCON” campaign recognised and awarded its clients’ employees who operate ECOLINE or ROTOCON-supplied machinery and consumables. “We care about the people who work with the products we represent and want to recognise their efforts and passion for what they do,” Michael says.

When it comes to products and its relationships with clients, ROTOCON cares about quality. Just like the ECOLINE range of equipment, a company’s DNA has thousands of working parts. “No machine can function properly if those working parts aren’t balanced and sound,” Michael says. The character and intent of a company’s founders, their initial decisions and the cultural they instil in their staff are attributes that can’t be bought or taught. They are entrenched in the bloodline of the company’s genetic code. “We’re proud of our reputation for being reliable, quality-driven and honest with our clients. We believe that strong values are the key to a strong business.”

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