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Sullwald Printing Solutions CEO Marius Sullwald highlighted the company’s wine label printing and finishing capabilities during the anniversary celebration.

Cape Town-based Sullwald Printing Solutions (formerly known as Coastal Labels) unveiled its latest investment from ROTOCON during its recent 21-year celebration as a label printer. This follows investments made at Propak Africa 2019 in the Screen Truepress L350UV+ and ECOLINE RDF 330 digital label converting and finishing system.

CEO Marius Sullwald emphasised that the industry is ever-changing, and it’s important not to follow what other companies are doing. ‘If everybody is doing the same thing, it doesn’t leave space for innovation. For Sullwald Printing Solutions to provide solutions to the industry, we strive to understand customers’ needs and invest in the most appropriate technologies. This requires strategic planning, and plays a major role in providing customers with the best solutions,’ he commented.

Rise of digital printing

According to Marius, since the company invested in the Screen Truepress L350UV+ two years ago many doors have opened. ‘Digital printing not only enables us to make beautiful, intricate labels but offer a cost-effective option for smaller runs. The press has provided us with a competitive edge by supplying customers with premium labels in quick turnaround times.’

ROTOCON CEO Michael Aengenvoort explained that the press’ speed of 50m/min enables faster job completion. ‘The wider colour gamut, enhanced by Screen’s Truepress inks (also supplied by ROTOCON) that are specifically designed to complement the press’ capabilities, produces labels with vibrant colours making them stand out.’

Finishing touches

Sullwald Printing Solutions’ latest investment in ROTOCON’s ECOLINE RDF 330 digital label converting and finishing system will enable the company to keep up with demand, Marius stated. ‘This is our second RDF finishing system as the first machine purchased two years ago could no longer keep up with the workload.’

It features a semi and full-rotary flexo printing unit, an automatic sheer knife slitting system, a high-speed matrix stripping system, dual-turret slitter rewinder, Corona treater, UV LED curing system, cold foil and spot colour module, and die-cutting station that can be used in semi-rotary mode.

According to Marius, this investment will also help expand the company’s packaging and marketing material offerings to include flexible formats, header cards, small boxes, tags, cardboard sleeves, printed tissue and wax paper. ‘Before the onset of Covid-19, we decided to venture into these markets and realised that another finishing press will accommodate the growing need for these services and help expand our customer base.’

Taking the gap

Sullwald Printing Solutions is also the company with the most Wink SmartGap Advance systems installed in South Africa. Two of the units are installed on existing flexographic presses and the other two on the ECOLINE RDF 330 systems.

‘SmartGap eliminates problems with the gap between the magnetic and anvil cylinder, allowing for trouble-free die-cutting of very sensitive facestock and liner materials, including extremely thin PET liners,’ stated ROTOCON director Pascal Aengenvoort. ‘With the adjustable system, the operator has control over the cutting process, which in turn, helps generate less waste and optimises material consumption.’

Sullwald Printing Solutions’ technical manager Andrew Mantell noted that the success of the first SmartGap system, specified with the ECOLINE RDF 330 in 2019, made the decision easier to invest in subsequent units. ‘What makes the system stand out is its ease of use, reduced set-up times and stored job settings that can be pulled up at a second’s notice. Our operators were able to use the system with just a 30-minute training session and a day’s practice,’ he enthused. ‘SmartGap also helps to extend each die’s lifespan because accurate pressure has been applied.’

According to Marius, investments take strategic planning, and he has always run the business conservatively. ‘ROTOCON’s after-sales service and spare parts availability have made the decision-making process easier. It helps that we’re in the same area as the Cape Town team as we know the technicians are quick to respond whenever we need their assistance,’ he concluded.

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