The majesty of specialist skills

MAJESTIC LABELS was established in 2006 with the aim of becoming a preferred supplier of industrial labelling solutions. The company continues to grow and strive for excellence under the leadership of co-founders and directors Roland Adshade and Russell Thorndike. Its product offering has expanded to include plain and printed self-adhesive labels, plain and printed industrial tags, void or security labels, anodised aluminium labels and nameplates, plus entry-level to high-volume thermal transfer printers and scanners.

‘It was the ideal time to branch out on our own as my father Vaughan Thorndike was retiring and we had the opportunity to buy his Pacom 400 labelling machine, relocate the very experienced operator from East London to Johannesburg and invest in a complementary rewinding table,’ explains Russell.

Subsequent investments have included a three- and four-colour flexo die-cutter with an integrated laminating unit, a Rotocon Ecoline RSD 350 that features precision die-cutting plus advanced roll and label inspection for convenient blank label production to help the company target larger volume business, and three additional rewind tables.

Russell and Roland’s collective 62-year passion for labelling have been fuelled by the industry’s diversity. The daily excitement of continual learning and problem-solving is what keeps them motivated to be the preferred supplier of industrial labelling solutions.

ROTOCON director Patrick Aengenvoort with Majestic Labels’ Roland Adshade (managing director), Knox (ECOLINE RSD 350 operator) and Russell Thorndike (production director).Majestic Labels’ approach has always been to formulate long-lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and staff by consistently supplying quality products at high service levels, plus upgrading systems and skills to match the industry’s ever-changing technologies. ‘Rather than just acting as order takers, we are solution-driven and enjoy spending time in our customers’ factories and facilities to witness applications in action so that we can recommend and/ or develop the most appropriate labelling solutions,’ Roland states.

In 2017, Majestic Labels doubled its footprint by breaking through to the unit next door at its facility in Meadowdale, Germiston to include warehousing space for raw materials and finished goods. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the team adapted its predominantly paper-driven in-house procedures to a digital platform to help improve efficiencies and cater for those working offsite.

What is next for Majestic Labels? The company is currently evolving to meet changing customer needs, which include holding minimal stock and faster turnaround times, as well as trying to stabilise constantly fluctuating packaging prices as much as possible. It is also investigating digital converting options for getting into short-run production of customised and full-colour labels.

‘We are eager to keep moving with the times, leave a bit of a legacy behind and continue growing while maintaining our family-style business environment. We are fortunate to have a team of long-serving and skilled staff members, which we look forward to expanding in the near future,’ Roland reports. ‘We believe in giving people an opportunity and upskilling and promoting them through in-house training programmes. Two examples of such success stories are Elizabeth Modisane, who started out serving tea and is now a rewinder, and Raylee Thompson, who was our original rewinder and is now operating the four-colour flexo die-cutting machine.’

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