Unleash the digital beast

The label printing business is fuelled by digital tools and technology. International Data Corporation predicts that the market for digital label and packaging pressing will grow by 18% within a decade. This is partly being fuelled by wineries’ increasing need for customisation and on-demand solutions.

Carlo Sammarco, business development director for packaging solutions at SCREEN Europe, says the international market has embraced the benefits of digital printing technology.

“Not that long ago, organisations would have labels printed from flexographic presses, and many still do. But there are now innovative solutions that make designing and printing high-quality, custom labels far easier and cost-effective.”

ROTOCON and SCREEN have been in partnership since 2014. The partnership has strengthened with ROTOCON adding Screen’s Truepress Jet L350UV+ SAI Series to its offering. “ROTOCON has been a very successful distributing partner for us,” says Carlo. “They are probably third on our list of top global distributors.”

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