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Banie Stafford (BCreative) and Michael Aengenvoort (group CEO of ROTOCON) with the CHROME machine.

ROTOCON’s new range of CHROME printing and finishing equipment provides customers with greater customisability and modular upgrade options, without having to break the bank.

Christian Karodza, (ROTOCON technician) Banie Stafford (BCreative) and Pascal Aengenvoort (sales director at ROTOCON) with the newly installed CHROME.CHROME follows ROTOCON’s ECOLINE range of printing and finishing equipment launched in 2017 when the company identified a need for quality-built machines – featuring solid, vibration-free construction, an open design, user[1]friendly control panel and the latest technology to maximise operator friendliness – which was affordable for start-ups and medium-sized converting companies.

This new series of machines provide label and flexible packaging printers with greater customisability and modular upgrade options to expand their market reach. The success and proven reliability track record of the ECOLINE range, and the changing needs beyond the self-adhesive labelling industry have triggered the launch of CHROME to ensure both versatility and affordability. ROTOCON can tailor-make its CHROME machines with more converting options at a very attractive price and quality level.

ROTOCON founder and group CEO, Michael Aengenvoort, compares the ECOLINE to buying an economy class seat on an airline. ‘With an economy class ticket, space and options are limited. The same goes for ECOLINE, you know what you’re getting when buying this machine. The idea with CHROME is to give customers more versatility just like when they upgrade to a business class ticket but without such a premium price tag.’

As part of ROTOCON’s long-term partnership approach and commitment to providing exceptional service and after-sales support, Michael says they’ve listened to customers’ requests for more customised solutions. ’There was a need and an opportunity to fill a specific gap in the market. With the ECOLINE, customers came up to us and said: ‘I like the price, but can you add this, or tweak this?’ We saw the need for a machine that still bears the same economic price tag, but something that’s high-quality, modular and versatile.’

ROTOCON can develop each CHROME model according to a customer’s specifications to successfully run a wider range of materials and applications. ‘We wanted CHROME to be branded separately from the ECOLINE range,’ says sales director, Pascal Aengenvoort. ‘The quality standard of these machines is just incredible. What’s great is that you can now stay completely within the ROTOCON family, even when you require more high-end applications.’

ROTOCON-CHROMEPascal adds that the team has already received five confirmed bookings for CHROME within only a few months since the launch of the brand. For converters serving the wine industry, ROTOCON can customise the CHROME ROTOCON Digital Finishing (RDF) embellishment package accordingly to include cold and hot foiling, embossing, and rotary screen printing to produce top-notch finished labels.

For printing stretchable unsupported films, he reports that ROTOCON offers an advanced drive package for the CHROME ROTOCON Flexo Press (RFP) to produce better results across multiple substrates (20 to 600µm), faster set-up times, and a wider range of packaging application possibilities.

Similarly, the CHROME RSI (vertical) and RSH (horizontal) slitting, inspection, and rewinder systems can feature this upgraded drive system to rewind tension-sensitive filmic materials such as shrink, BOPP, and PET at output rates of up to 320m/min. Additionally, specifying these models with an automatic slitting system instead of using a manual crush knife or razor slitting will help improve production efficiencies.

’Whether it’s a semi-rotary print station, foiling station for embossing or multi-layers of foil, a silkscreen station, or semi-rotary die-cut station, we can customise the CHROME machine to meet each customer’s specific needs,’ Pascal states.

While most customers still opt for the top-of-the-range machines, Michael says more and more customers are considering whether a top-end machine is really necessary for their specific requirements. “Instead, customers are opting for the CHROME, which offers the best of both worlds: a high-quality, fully-customisable machine with a more affordable price tag.’

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(Feature pic) Banie Stafford (BCreative) and Michael Aengenvoort (group CEO of ROTOCON) with the CHROME machine.

Christian Karodza, (ROTOCON technician) Banie Stafford (BCreative) and Pascal Aengenvoort (sales director at ROTOCON) with the newly installed CHROME.

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